Greetings Faithful Fans, Friends, and those interested in getting to know Tony Dettore,

Let me tell you a little bit about Tony that you may not know. Tony started singing at a very young age in a nice sized town on the southeast side of Canton Ohio. He was raised by a Mother and Father who were both from Italian immigrant families. Tony attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Louisville, Ohio where he majored in Arts & Music. Tony studied and worked hard at becoming a professional vocalist and by the time he reached the age of 18 he had become a leading actor and singer in the very popular Broadway production play of "Hello Dolly".

After obtaining some notoriety as one having a great voice, Tony was invited to sing in several bands that traveled around the Midwest. He recalls it was a real blessing for him to be the lead singer in these bands, a blessing traveling around the region, and a blessing having the opportunity to sing for bands playing all types of music.

Tony's love for music is what has propelled him into his lifelong journey and mission of getting this "Beautiful and Well Written" Music and Songs out and heard by everyone. The versatility of this man is astounding.

A huge influence on Tony's career was when the glamorous Sandra Giles booked him in her musical showcase night club. Sandra, you may recall was a big star in the late 50's, performed on the Steve Allen show, performed together with Don Knotts, and later appeared on the TV series Columbo with Peter Faulk where she had a leading role in one of the episodes. Tony says that his dear Mrs. Giles has been a great inspiration and encouragement to him.

The Las Vegas Lounge Era of the 40's, 50's, 60's and early 70's & 80's has been Mr. Dettore's favorite type of music to sing. He emulates such greats as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, and Neil Diamond to name a few. Tony has hosted, emceed, and performed in "The Senior Expo". This event goes on every year in Southern California at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Tony is also a very popular performer throughout California. Audiences say, "hear him once and you'll fall in love with his voice". Like Mark Sohmer Radio Show says, "Tony Dettore is one of those rare opportunities about to explode into the music industry, its a matter of time".

Now living in Southern California, Tony Dettore has performed solo in various night clubs, concert halls, and entertainment spots. Something like over 9000 shows in all. He has worked with Mary Lou Metzger of the Lawrence Welk Show and with the do-wop band "The Inkspots" at various venues.

Tony has also appeared on the television talk show called "Touching Lives" with host Kathy Bee broadcast now on Time Warner cable and the internet from the Comcast Cable TV Studio in Bellflower California. Kathy has hosted such greats as Al Jareau, Tanya Tucker, and Bob Hope.

Songs from Dettore's albums have also been broadcast on the "Fabulous 690 Radio Show" out of Burbank. The show was co-hosted by Tony's good friend Brad Chambers and host Steve Tyrell where they would play "Tony Music". This is where Mr. Dettore picked up the "NOW THAT'S MUSIC" expression. This saying he uses all the time for the favorite songs he likes to play and sing.

Finally I would like to introduce a very close and very dear friend of Tony's, who has been very instrumental on his journey and mission for a long time now; who has appeared on The Jay Leno Show, The Jerry Springer Show, The Tony Orlando Show, The Dating Game with Jim Lang Show; who himself has his own Comedy Show, and who is a very kind and generous man, Mr. Jim Mouth. Jim has always believed in Tony and that Tony Dettore will become well known for his singing as well as his Disc Jockey and other forms of entertainment service he does.

Recently on September 27, 2008 Tony had the honor of performing for Puff Johnson an R&B Singer who toured with Janet & Michael Jackson for her Miracle Album that was released in 1996 and produced by Randy Jackson from American Idol. Tony also got Puff up to perform at his show. Puff thinks very highly of Mr. Dettore willing to spread the word on his talent.

To finish up, Tony says The Good Lord has put great people in his life and he is very thankful to his Parents & Family for their love & Support. His Wife Launa Dettore is very supportive of Tony's dream So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride down memory lane with the sounds of Tony Dettore a vocal from heaven.


Keep the Faith and God Bless you all.